5 best Beach around Pattaya

Ever since the US soldiers discovered Pattaya during the Vietnam War, the city has grown in terms of reputation. Today, Pattaya is Thailand’s most popular beach resort city with over five million visitors a year, just the second most visited tourist destination in Thailand just after Bangkok.

Every year, the city draws millions of locals, tourists, and expats alike from various parts of the world who are seeking some seaside relaxation. And even if you are just in for Pattaya’s nightlife, eateries, or pristine markets, practically, you still can’t leave without visiting at least one beach. At some point, you will need to unwind and escape from the bustling streets and noisy clubs and this is where Pattaya’s beaches come in.

But what are some of the beaches that you can lose yourself in to fully experience the true essence of this place? Well, the answer is many. In fact, you will start narrowing down your choice by considering things like the amenities, the calmness of the water, and amenities present.

And so to make your work easier, we have already compiled for this list of the top 5 best beaches around Pattaya.

  1. Jomtien Beach – The most famous beach in Pattaya

When you feel that you need to relax and purify your mind, Jomtien Beach is the perfect place to head over to. This is due to its fresh and clean atmosphere offering a perfect chill spot. The beach features a coastline measuring over 6-km which means you won’t struggle to find a place to set up your umbrella. Just like most of the beaches in Pattaya, Jomtien beach is a seafood lover’s paradise.

jomtien beach

On its beachfront lane, you will find several restaurants offering loads of fresh Thai seafood. There are also numerous high-end luxury hotels for accommodation and Thai massage services. Jomtien beach also features Pattaya Park Rower which is an amusement park built specifically for children. This means that you can comfortably check-in with your kids knowing they will fully themselves.

If you are a party guy, the beach is not completely lifeless as you will come across a few bars nearby. Some of the fun activities that you can engage in while in Jomtien include diving, swimming, massage, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and catamaran sailing.



2. Pattaya Beach – For Ultimate Adventure

This is without a doubt one of the most fascinating beaches in Pattaya and entire Thailand. Featuring a 4-km long crescent-shaped coast, you can be sure it is large enough to offer you and your family or friends ample space and opportunities. The beach is located in the central part of Pattaya and is divided into north, central, and south zones.

Pattaya Beach

Its Southern part welcomes visitors with numerous high-end hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment centers. Thus you can expect to continue enjoying your favorite Thai dishes and seafood found in Pattaya. One of the most notable things about this beach is the whirlwind of activities that you can engage in. This makes it an ideal place for tourists who are seeking a thrilling and adventurous beach vacation. It’s also a great place for night dances and parties if you are the party type. Some of the fun things to do while in Pattaya Beach include parasailing, banana boat ride, and jet skiing.

3. Naklua Beach – The most quiet Beach in Pattaya

This beach was named “Naklua” which means ‘salt field’ in the local dialect since salt farming was this area’s main industry before tourists started visiting. This 800-m long beach is among the few that are located on the northern part of Pattaya. Unlike most beaches, Naklua Beach is surrounded by fishing habitat which makes it popular for fishing boat rentals.

Naklua Beach

The beach is also shared with the local fisherman which means it is a common sight spotting the local fishermen going on with their activities either on water or on the dock. With so much fishing activities going on, the beach area is often muddy. This is one of the reasons why it receives fewer visitors when compared to other beaches. However, the positive thing about this is that it is quieter thus suitable for those seeking tranquility. Also, you can expect to catch a wide variety of unique species of marine fish which you may never come across in the entire region. In recent years, Naklua beach’s shore has been gradually becoming populated with hotels offering massage services. Some of the things that you can do while in Naklua Beach include boat renting, surfing, and sunbathing.



4. Wong Amat Beach – Perfect Family Beach in Pattaya

Just next to Pattaya and not very far from Naklua is Wong Amat Beach, one of the cleanest in Pattaya. Despite its proximity to Pattaya beach, it is often much quieter and secluded. This may perhaps be the reason why it manages t remain clean throughout the year. Nestling in a crescent-shaped bay.Wong Amat Beach

It features a spectacular view of azure sea and a rather coarse sandy which is clean and well maintained. It is also lined with several luxury sea-facing hotels and restaurants. Being frequented by small fishing boats on its Southern tip also adds to the charm. Since it is very clean with lots of space, it is a perfect beach for the kids whom you can easily spot playing. Some of the things to do in Wong Amat Beach include swimming and fishing at the rocky outcrop.


5. Koh Larn Beach – Perfect For Honeymoon in Pattaya

Koh Larn is another beach that is located in the city’s central part. The beach is located approximately 7 km south of the central Pattaya coastline. Koh Larn beach, also known as Coral Island, has so much in common with most of the southern part of Thailand beaches than with the ones in Pattaya. The beach possesses unspoiled white sands, blue azure waters, and coral reefs that make it one of the prettiest in the region.

Koh Larn Beach

This makes it an ideal place for tourists who often dive into the ocean to view the coral reefs as well as take part in water sports. There is also a semi-submersible submarine which you can take an excursion on to fully experience the magical corals and varied marine life. Apart from offering fresh seafood, you will be in for great surprises on the different ways the meal will be prepared in Thai style cooking. All these make it a perfect place for a romantic getaway, the reason why it is mostly visited by romantic couples and newlyweds. Some of the fun things to do while in Koh Larn Beach include banana boat riding, underwater sea walking, parasailing, swimming, glass-bottom boat ride, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

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